Stardust & Whiskey (Inspiration for “The Wake”)

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During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic we were all facing many unknowns. Concern about a new virus that was spreading and killing people globally had become our new reality, all without many answers as to how or why. Most of us were forced to remain at home, separated from family and friends, for an indefinite time. We were all suddenly forced to face our own mortality in ways that we did not expect. Prior to the pandemic being politicized and used as an issue to divide us; the majority of us were united in our shared suffering. The sentiment for many was “we are in this together”. This statement got me thinking about the universal nature of our existence. The air we breathe; the earth we inhabit; the food we eat; the water we drink; how all connect us in a much larger cosmic way. Interestingly enough, scientists have proven that everything we are and everything in the universe and on earth originated from stardust. Through life and death we all share a part of the same cosmic makeup. 

The human experience is steeped in tradition across a multitude of countries and cultures. Some are archaic and outdated while others have evolved along with us borrowing from the past. The latter is true of an Irish wake which served as inspiration for our latest song. My initial inspiration was rooted in the style of a hymn; much like the ones that were traditional songs collectively sung in pubs and social gatherings. Often, lyrics for these “hymns” were changed and adapted, becoming part of church services over time. With that being said, and all the news of people passing away around the globe from this virus, spurred the idea of writing about an Irish wake even more deeply. The imagery and beauty that comes with honoring those who have gone beyond is something that resonated within me in a personal way. 

Life is fragile yet uplifting, raw and beautiful, and awe-inspiring all at the same time. The Wake, for us, was a way to share in these experiences with all of you, alive and beyond, who have the stars sewn into the fibers of our universe-soaked souls.

Please stay safe and healthy!


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