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Welcome to our home. It's good to see you! The world is a crazy place these days. We like to try to bring a little peace, joy, and understanding to the party. Join Us!

Our Story

Born of the mountains of Virginia and South Carolina, The Jason Jones Band blends Americana, Folk, and Rock music. Soulful, gritty vocals reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and perhaps a touch of Bono wash over a solid rhythmic foundation, filled out with piano, organs, harmonica, and guitars. With roots in a singer/songwriter style, and a working-class appeal, Jason’s writing pulls from a wide range of influences such as The Head and The Heart, Band of Horses, and Jason Isbell. 

With deeply personal songs that speak of heartache, triumph, change, love for his family, and the daily struggle, Jason pours himself into every word and note, creating truly meaningful, yet highly relatable music that should have broad appeal to a diverse audience. 





My great grandmother knew how much I loved the old German piano she had at home, with the chipped ivory and broken keys. I fell in love with the tone and sounds that would come out of this giant wooden piece of furniture. She gifted me my own piano when I was 3 years oldMy playing started as banging on the keyboard and of course, the occasional round of Chopsticks! After years of formal lessons, I began writing instrumental piano pieces and performing them at dinner shows at the local church. 

My dad also had an old department store acoustic guitar in the house. I would pick it up and try to learn chords from the old music books he had. As I got into my teens, most of the music I was listening to was guitar driven and I wanted to feel that energy! At sixteen I was gifted my first guitar and I started writing and recording music into a four-track recorder I had saved up to buy with money from my part-time job. It’s been a passion ever since! 


My early career started in the River City music scene of Richmond, VA in the late 2000’s as a member of the band Crashing Reality. We played regularly at The Canal Club, The National, The Camel, and The Capital Ale House in Richmond and shared the stage with the likes of Ed Kowalczyk (from Live) and the band Thriving Ivory. We released a self-titled album in 2009 that I recorded and produced myself, and was mixed by Ian Whalen (Lamb of God, Tombs, Rah Bras, Alabama Thunderpussy)

In 2014 I connected with producer Matt Singleton (Train, Storm Large, Jay Stolar, Valkyrie). We set up camp at his studio in an old barn in the countryside of Charlottesville, VA to work on a live acoustic folk-rock project titled “Bricks & Boards”. It’s a partnership that has grown to this day, and has resulted in my first full length solo release, “All These Years”, which is being released on Matt’s new label, SMTM Records. 


The new album “All These Years” is out now! I am very excited to share this piece of work with the world. Matt and I have been working on this album on and off for over three years, and we both feel it really represents me as an artist. I love creating and telling stories through my music, and these songs tell a very personal story that has been forged through the last several years of big changes throughout my life. Jobs won and lost, major moves, the birth of my daughter, personal revelations, and a stripping down of what is, and what is not meaningful in my life are all encapsulated in the stories on this record.  

And there’s more to come! We are busy in the studio writing for the next album, even as we get busy doing the marketing work for “All These Years”! There will be many more stories to come in the blog, and through my social media channels. I hope you enjoy the music, and the journey! 

Nice things some folks have said. :-)

Matt Singleton President

SMTM Records

Jason and I spent over three years making the first record. Jason has a powerful, honest voice, and the songs are deeply personal. They reflect a time of change in both our lives. I am really proud of this recording. I hope it speaks to some of you like it does to me.

Todd Tate Founder


How did a Detroit rock city groove make it into a Southern songwriters music? It sounds like Jason Jones met producer and musician Matt Singleton. Jason has a great voice and something to say, and it is all beautifully brought to life via this partnership. Look for this newly released collection of songs to appeal to music fans coast-to-coast! I know I’m digging it.

Jordan Tishler President

Digital Bear

Equally at home in the company of Drive By Truckers and Tom Petty, The Jason Jones Band pumps out heartfelt and insightful lyrics over good ol’ boys (and girls) rock tracks. The tunes are catchy and the playing muscular and unpretentious. This is a modern take on music we haven’t heard in the last 20 years or so. Definitely worth a listen.


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