From Our Front Porch to Yours!

Create Your Own Mixtape, Be In Our Next Video, and Join Our Private Group!

What You Get

This Is All About Building Relationships

We have fans around the world, and we super appreciate all the nice comments and engagement… so we want to return the favor! We want to actually spend some time getting to know all of YOU better!

We're All In This Together!

You know, what the world needs right now is a little more togetherness. So we would like to invite you to come to our home! Well, not really… at least not in person, but we want to make sure we are doing our best to connect with folks in a meaningful way. So we have a very special offer for one of our favorite people… YOU!

We know it’s a big deal to ask your permission to contact you… so fair is fair… we are giving YOU permission to come take a much closer look at OUR daily lives. You are going to hang out with us, drink some wine, listen to music, and get to know us better. It’s all gonna be virtual, but it is still gonna be super cool.

Not only that, but you are going to hear some music from us that NO ONE else has. And, you are going to show us YOUR stuff! We are gonna print your artwork or photos on a CD and send it to you, with a note from Jason! And if you want, you can send us a clip of you hanging out at YOUR home, and we will put it in our next video. Because we all need a place to call home, and you are now invited to ours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it’s really a CD, not a tape, but it’s easy! You’ll get an email that will direct you to a private page where you can choose which songs you want on your CD, choose from three different artwork designs, or upload YOUR OWN artwork (we’ll provide you with a template to use!), you’ll fill out a form with your address, and we will send it to you! Done! Of course, as we promised, Jason will sign it for you first!

Also easy! Just take a short video clip (5-10 seconds) of yourself at your home! You will get an email that will direct you to a private page where you can sign a release form and upload your video! That’s it!

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